lundi 10 septembre 2007

Maroc - Casabanca (Anfa) - Parti Socialiste Unifié

This party is composed of left-leaning groups mainly the OADP and the Fidélité à la démocracie movement (a splinter group from the USFP). My view is that the PSU has today united under its wing the finest militants and pro-democracy partisans in the country. Many of whom have accepted to go through the painful experience of confronting the power's restrictions and the so many hurdles. They have taken the risk of exposing themselves to the attacks and intimidations. Yes the party is still organising itself and in many respect, is still quite weak, they are far from contemplating the majority in the parliament (who can, anyway), nor are they as popular as the PJD, but as far as many people are concerned, these are part of the elite of the nation, the crème-de-la crème of Moroccan intelligentsia." (The Moroccan Mirror)

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