mercredi 12 septembre 2012

Borgerhout (Anvers) 2012 - Krishna Prasad Regmi (N-VA)

Photos prises le 12 septembre 2012 à Borgerhout (district d'Anvers), Turnhoutsebaan, par P.Y.L. (encore très très peu d'affiches dans ce quartier, et les panneaux officiels sont encore vierges). Krishna Prasad Regmi, un Népalais arrivé en Belgique il y a dix ans et travaillant dans l'informatique et actif au sein de sa communauté (cf. son site), est affiché dans un seul commerce indo-pakistanais, pas loin de la gare d'Anvers-central, et aux fenêtres d'un appartement un peu plus loin. Le site anglophone Nepal24 hours semble très optimiste quant à ses chances d'élection (voir plus bas).

   |   Nepal24 hours

BELGIUM/n24: Krishna Prasad Regmi, 38, makes history as he has been chosen as a candidate for Councilor for the District Council by the biggest political party, Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie (N-VA).
Regmi hails from Gunjanagar VDC- 5, Sashinagar of Chitwan district in Nepal. Born in a simple family of farmers, Regmi has been living in Belgium since 2003. Involved in the field of Journalism, Regmi lives with his wife and two daughters.
A graduate in Economics from Tribhuvan University, Regmi is fluent in Dutch language. He actively participates in the NRN [Non-Resident Nepali Association] activities and is also the central member of Media Taskforce, NRN International.
Currently Regmi holds the 11th position among the 25 member candidates in the N-VA party. The election system is of proportional representation and is conducted after every 6 years.
Along with other 24 candidates, Regmi is actively campaigning for the election. According to the statistics, he is one of the popular candidates and his victory seems secure even if his party N-VA manages to get 40 % of the polls.
It is estimated that 5000 Nepalis currently reside in Belguim whereas only 1000 of them will take part in the coming elections. Belgium is the country with highest voter participation in the world as it is mandatory for the citizens and those who withdraw from the polls will be slapped with hefty fines.

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