jeudi 11 octobre 2012

Belgique 2012 - Candidates Labour sur des listes PS-SP.A

"Brussels Labour’s candidates – Belinda Pyke, June O’Keeffe and Jo Wood", "Please show your support for the PS/SP.a candidates, and especially Jo Wood (in Brussels) and Belinda Pyke (in Woluwé Saint-Pierre)" (site du Brussel Labour)

sources des images: Pierre-Yves Lambert/Tractothèque, Rachid Zegzaoui/Tractothèque, Site du PS de BruxellesSite de Josephine Wood

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Pierre-Yves Lambert a dit…

- Introducing Josephine Wood (Candidate No. 43)

I am British and am a Brussels resident for 15 years. I live with my family (partner and son) in the heart of Euroland: Square Ambiorix.

I am an active member of the Labour Party here in Brussels. In 2010, I was elected as Vice Chair of Brussels Labour and Labour International. In 2004, I was a Labour party candidate on the South East Region labour list. I currently work for the European Commission in the field of digital communications, networks and content and inclusion. I have previously worked for the S&D group in European Parliament and in the health sector. I am bilingual French/English, having grown up in France, Italy and the UK during my childhood and studied in Scotland, France and Belgium.

Although, I have kept my links with my home country, I have also developed new ones in Brussels : I got my first 'real' job in Brussels, I met my partner and started my family here in Brussels. I feel very much part of this city - and would be very proud - as a European and a socialist- to help run this city.

- Action political, social, ...

Sometimes, living and working in Brussels is not always easy. Brussels is not perfect and in need of help. Why? Because Brussels is a shared space where people grow up, study, do sport, work, meet, go out and live. Making sure that Brussels residents can co-exist peacefully is key.

I am also proud to be a Socialist. Making people's lives better needs to happen at all levels. I want to ensure that all our citizens can enjoy a better quality of life. We need to address the real inequalities that exist in this city. We witness them every day and we need strong institutions to find solutions for all the population.

This is why I believe that we need to reclaim the streets and parks. We need to make them cleaner, safer and greener. We need to open up the city to all its inhabitants. But we also need to make the place safer and more secure. Also, we need to open up the administration, and make it work more efficiently – using technology to help – and a bit of common sense.

- 5 areas of predilection (in order of preference)

1: Belgium, Europe, Nations, ...

2: Ecology social environment, sustainable development and energy ...

3: Education, training, education, continuing education, ...

4: New information technology and communication (ICT) internet, computer, Telecom, Mobile, ...

5: Mobility, transport, ...

Pierre-Yves Lambert a dit…

Why did I want to be a candidate for these elections?

Why am I candidate in the Brussels communal elections?
Because I live here.

What will I become if I get enough preference votes and get elected?
I will become a councillor, hopefully working to support a majority (winning) team working for Brussels. I need about 800 preference votes to achieve this.

What will I do?
Brussels is the capital of Europe. As Europeans, we need to contribute a vision for its future.

We need to make Brussels an attractive and welcoming place in which to live and work. For many of us, and for our children and families, Brussels will be our home probably for decades if not for our entire lives.
Our streets need to be safer, calmer and cleaner. We need to slow down the traffic everywhere to 30 km/hour. We need a proper cycle lane on rue de la Loi.
Our parks need to be more attractive by day and safer by night.
We must make more childcare available by investing in people and in infrastructure.
And we need to make our city administration more transparent, more efficient and more open. More online services should be provided – and an English speaking helpline would help avoid unnecessary queues. Also, let’s make free wi-fi available for all across Brussels.
Why should I vote PS?
By voting for me, you are voting for the PS - sp.a list is truly united linguistically – it is also a European list, with five EU nationalities on the list (from the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Greece), alongside Belgian candidates such as Freddy Thielemans, the current Bourgmestre, Ans Persoons, a dutch-speaking women who has some great ideas about how to make this city become a major European capital - on a par with Paris and London.

Get in touch...
I hope that you will get in touch should you have any questions in the next few weeks.

How do I vote?
Voting in Belgium is easy: you can vote for a list (the PS - sp.a is list number 11) or for one or more candidates directly (on the same list). You can vote for me directly at number 43 on the PS – sp.a list